Craft and the Logic of Digital Making

Creating and producing digital media has come a long way since the beginning of online media. When you think of digital media, you think of music, videos, e-books, video games, social media etc. A really interesting source is vocaloids. Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer produced by Yamaha, which basically allows the software to sing while sounding like a human voice.

A popular character animation within the realm of vocaloid is Hatsune Miku. She is a great example of digitisation in the modern era as it shows that the development of technology is endless. Her popularity had grown significantly when fans discovered Miku and started to write songs and choreograph videos for her to star in. This software can help those who have a voice, but are afraid to use their own. The diversity for this software is also increasing as it has access to 3+ languages to translate to.





2 thoughts on “Craft and the Logic of Digital Making

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    Your information is great, though a little bit brief. I personally believe your blog posts would perhaps benefit more if you synthesised analysis and personal opinion into this information, to make it sound more sophisticated and interesting. I would love to hear more of your opinion on the information you have blogged about! I’m excited to read future blogs from you!

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