Influenced by the media

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Everybody uses the media for all different kinds of reasons. Throughout the past couple years, the media has blown up as new technologies are being created and new uses are being formed for the media.

A current issue involving the way people use the media, is that individuals are getting influenced by what they see and hear online. This may be in a positive or negative way depending on their interests, but either way, it impacts on the individuals wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the people they surround themselves with.

Social media is a perfect example of this. It is a channel with many different platforms that allows individuals to express themselves openly and creatively to an audience. Bigger platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have a major impact on a persons life as they are able to watch and connect with a worldwide audience.

A group of boys on YouTube, otherwise known as the “Russian Daredevils” have a heavy influence on their audience. The group partakes in dangerous activities such as “skywalking” and “rooftopping“, which is basically the act of walking/scaling large buildings without any safety equipment. The risks they take to capture a beautiful image and video provides their viewers with a massive adrenaline rush, that they maybe want to experience for themselves.

Viewers who are interested in these types of stunts, may become influenced by this group of boys and may want to try it out for themselves, which can be extremely dangerous. This could lead to serious accidents for participants as they would most likely have zero experience in this type of activity. In fact, a Russian daredevil who goes by the name Andrey R., had a terrible accident where he fell off a building while doing a stunt. This accident should show awareness of how dangerous risking your life for a photo should be. This is an example of a negative influence the media can have on an audience as they are promoting dangerous activities to an audience of all ages. Personally, this type of activity really terrifies me seeing people doing dangerous things, as a human life is without a doubt, incredibly sacred.

To contrast with this, other YouTube channels may influence individuals in a more positive way. For example, a person with mediocre musical skills can search for tips and tricks to improve their performance, and this may increase their ability to play that instrument overtime.

Another example that can influence an audience are role models. Role models have a voice that can be heard by their supporters from all over the world. A popular example of an individual getting influenced by one of their role models is Joseph Schooling. Back in 2008, a then 13 year-old Schooling took a photo with one of his olympic heroes, Michael Phelps. Then, fast forward into the future at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Schooling actually competed against Phelps, and won. This story blew up in the media as it shows how much one person can actually influence another.

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What are some of your issues involving people and their use of the media, and how does this affect you? Let me know in the comments below!



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