Name: Jade

Age: 18

Education: University of Sydney

What do you think are the current issues of public transport?

Well personally, for me, since I do catch the train to uni, I find that it is mostly just the vacancy of seats during peak hour. I don’t really find there to be much problems other then that. During peak hour, the trains get really full and packed and I always notice that there is always heaps of people standing. And I’ve noticed that they stand for a long time. Sometimes I even see people standing for their whole train ride which is really unfortunate cause I know after I’ve had a long and tiring day I would wanna be sitting down and resting even if it is for a short time.

How do you think that issue can be resolved?

Maybe just adding more train carriages to the trains. I’m not really sure. Because I think trains comes at reasonable times. Like, there’s probably a train every 10 minutes, even less, which is not that bad. I saw this video on Facebook of a train somewhere in Asia, and they had train stuffers because their trains get so full. So yeah, I’m just thankful the trains here don’t get as crazy as that.

Do you think you would have chosen a closer university if you knew about certain issues like the one you mentioned?

No, not really. I kinda wanted to go to a further uni because it would give me more freedom and sometimes my train rides can be really relaxing because I feel like its one of the only times in a day where I can truly relax and not really have to worry about anything.