Name: Taylah

Age: 18

Education: University of Wollongong

What type of public transport do you take to get to university?

Well, most days I would normally drive, but if I didn’t I would probably catch one of the free shuttle buses to uni, considering I live fairly close to UOW.

Do you find there to be any problems with the free shuttle buses?

Not particularly, I mean there’s some good things and some bad things about them.

Can you specify at least one good thing and one bad thing about them?

Sure. One good thing about the shuttle buses is that they come pretty regularly. I’m pretty sure they come every 10 minutes if I’m not mistaken. That’s a pretty good time compared to some of the other buses I’ve heard about. I know that there’s a lot of people that catch these free shuttle buses, so the fact that they come regularly is such a good thing for so many reasons. Let’s just say for example, you wake up late for class. You’re only gonna be a couple minutes late because they come so regularly. If one of my friends woke up late she might as well not even come because she lives up at Nowra and has to catch the train and it takes ages to get here. One bad thing about them I guess like I said before, is that so many people that catch the free shuttle buses that they’re all normally pretty full in capacity during peak hours. They get so packed and there is always a huge wait at the uni bus stop which can be a real hassle to get on.