Name: Timmy

Age: 18

Education: University of Sydney

What is a main problem you find when taking public transport to uni?

To be honest, probably the cost. I mean yeah each trip isn’t that expensive, but when you add it all up over the week or month, you realise you are spending a heck load of money just on travelling. I know there isn’t much I can do about it but, it’s just a real struggle when you work and go to uni full time and almost half of your pay-check is going towards travel costs.

How do you think Sydney Trains can help accomodate issues such as cost?

Well, they’ve always had different prices for different ages and that. Like child tickets, senior tickets stuff like that. But I’m so thankful that I ordered my concession card because if I had to pay full adult prices, I would have almost no money left. So I reckon that’s a pretty reasonable strategy that they’ve come up with as most people wouldn’t want to pay adult prices for let’s say a 5 year old child, do you know what I mean?

Do you have any other issues about public transport you would like to talk about?

Probably just how packed it gets during peak hours. I think maybe just during peak hours, they could add at least 1 extra train into the schedule to accomodate for the amount of people that finish work or uni during peak hours, but other then that, nothing else is really coming to mind.