Name: Amitesh

Age: 18

Education: University of Wollongong

What bus do you catch?

The 887 Campbelltown to Wollongong.

Do you think there are problems with you bus?

Yes definitely! I think this bus is probably one of the worst buses that come to Wollongong.

Why do you think that?

Well shit. Where to start? I’ll only say one thing because I don’t want people to think it’s the worst bus in the world. Well there is the major issue of the bus times. So let me explain them to you. The 887 comes every hour BUT the last bus is at 6:45pm and no buses come between 12:45 and 3:45. So you can already see how bad the times are. Like if I finish a tutorial at 1:00, I have to wait almost three hours to catch a bus home. I mean there is always the alternative to catch the train home, but that would take like two hours to get home. But then again I would have to wait three hours for the next bus so both options are kinda bad either way.

Do you have anything else to add about your bus experiences?

Yeah I do. A while back maybe in like weeks 2-5 of this semester I was actually interviewed by a news channel that was talking about the worst buses in the Sydney area. It was a cool experience to be on TV and to be interviewed. Plus it was something that related to me so I could answer with more knowledge and personal experience on the issue.