Name: Tamara

Age: 18

Education: University of Wollongong

What do you think of taking public transport to uni?

I think it’s an easier alternative way to get there. I mean yeah, I could drive there but petrol is so expensive these days and I’m a uni student so money can be kind of tight. It provides a good alternative to driving for people who don’t have their license or can’t carpool with anyone.

Do you catch the train or bus to uni?

I catch the bus. The train would be a nightmare to take. Since I live south-west Sydney, the train ride would be around 2 hours to get back home. Some of my friends that have classes past 6:45 take the train home and they tell me to never do it because it takes so long. It would literally take up half of my day to get to uni if I caught the train.

What are some problems about the bus you take to uni?

Definitely the price. I mean if you just think about it, one trip is not that expensive but when you take like 8 trips a week, the costs really start to add up. I know that using a concession card makes it cheaper but still not cheap enough considering we are uni students.