Name: Chelsea

Age: 18

Education: The University of Notre Dame

What type of public transport to you catch to get to university?

I catch the train. It is such an easy way to get to uni rather than driving since its close to the city. The train is so convenient.

Do you find there to be any problems when catching a train to uni?

Not really. I mean like I said, its pretty convenient. There is a train like every 10 minutes so I don’t have to wait for too long if I miss my train. I guess the only problem I can think of is the price. Its generally pretty cheap but the costs start to add up. Since I made my Opal automatic top up, I get a bit shocked when I check my bank account sometimes to find money missing, but really it goes towards my opal. I use my Opal so frequently I never really notice the price adding up. I think I spend like around $30 dollars a week just from travelling to and from uni.

Do you think there is anyway Sydney Trains can improve on that issue?

Probably not. I mean its the system. Its the way things are. You can’t really change the price on travelling without making it a big issue. I guess the staff can’t really do anything about it. Its more the government and the company representatives that have to deal with issues like this. But I don’t think the prices to Sydney city will ever decrease. In fact, I think overtime they will probably increase since everything seems to just be getting more expensive as the years go by.