Name: Sharlyne

Age: 24

Education: Western Sydney University

What are some issues of public transport that you have heard of?

I haven’t really heard much about a lot of issues, but I’m sure some well known issues of public transport is price and times I guess.

Can you expand on these issues that you have heard of?

Sure. Well price is obvious I guess. I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the excuse “I’m a poor uni student” or even just the saying “I’m a uni student”. Since a lot of university students work, they probably want to save their money for their tuition, student loans,  textbooks, or materialistic things, not on travelling to and from their uni. Over the years the prices have increased which is not really helpful for student. Trying to balance aspects of their life such as school, work, and a social life can be really hard. So some student may only be earning a certain amount where maybe up to half of their pay-check is going towards travelling fees. Time is really an issue as well. The distance between home and uni can really vary. Most people I know go to university in the city and it takes them up to an hour just to get there. A lot of people would rather spend that time studying or preparing for a class, so that’s why a lot of people study on the way to uni. I mean there really isn’t a solution for this, but it is an important issue to remember.