Name: Brandon

Age: 18

Education: University of Wollongong

How do you get to uni?

I catch the bus.

Do you find that there problems with the bus you catch?

Definitely. I hear people I catch the bus with talk about them all the time. I catch the 887 bus and buses only come ever hour between 7:10 and 6:45. But no buses come between like 1pm and 4pm. It really sucks. Like say I wanted to grab a beer at unibar with a mate after my 6:30 tutorial, I couldn’t because buses don’t run late enough. Some of my mates actually catch the train home because they have late tutorials and they always tell me how much it sucks because it takes like around 2 hours to get home which is really unfortunate.

How do you work around this issue?

Since I am a first year, I really didn’t know about this issue until the semester started. But for next semester, I might try having early tutorials or lectures so I can make it in time for the 1pm bus so I don’t have to wait like 3 hours for the next one. I might also schedule to have my lectures and tutorials during that 3 hours break of bus times so I don’t have to wait around for too long. It’s really unfortunate for people who catch this bus because they always have to be aware of their time at uni so they can make it to their bus on time and not have to wait like an hour for the next one to arrive.