Name: Charmaine

Age: 19

Education: University of New South Wales

How do you get to university?

I catch the train to Sydney, then a bus to my campus.

Do you find that there are any issues regarding your forms of public transport?

For the train, there is not really any issues that bother me. I think it is probably just the cost. Since I go to uni five days a week, the costs just add up. I probably spend around $25-40 a week just on travelling. Its not that bad, but if you just think about it in the long run, four or more years of university just really racks up a large bill.

What about the bus? Have you noticed any issues with that form of public transport?

Yes! Definitely! There is always a massive line at the bus stop. On some occasions I’ve waited up to an hour just to get on the bus. It just gets so packed during peak hours and it is really difficult to get on sometimes. I’m sure everybody who catches the bus to campus can say the exact same thing. It’s a nightmare. I even try to catch an earlier train to beat peak times, but a lot of students have the same mindset and it still is packed when I get there. The bus has even made me late to a lot of my lectures and tutorials which can really get on my nerves because some days I just wanna be in and out of uni, but these damn bus lines really get in the way.

Do you think there is a way in which this issue can be improved or resolved?

Uhm… Yes and no. Like, personally I think they could just get more buses on this route and it will speed up the process and lines. But also no because a lot of people go to UNSW and I feel like there is always going to be a crowd no matter what.