Moving Image Project

For this assessment, I wanted to focus on the notion of innocence vs adolescence, with reference to George Ella Lyon’s poem, “Where I’m From”. To initiate my ideas for this project, I began to ask myself where I’m from. This idea can be seen through the contrasting nature of day and night, nature and development, and through the use of sound.

For the first half of this project, I concentrated on nature and how the use of light can reflect so much meaning. The bright images symbolise my childhood as they were always filled with joy and happiness, as well as nature, which can be reflected in the images of the sun, the plants, and the water. These were memories I’ve always remembered as a child and will continue to remember till I’m old and grey.

The second half of the project reflects a part of who I am today and how the people I surround myself with have an impact on my lifestyle and choices. The use of skateboarding exhibits my interests as an adolescent. This hobby has influenced the way I dress, act, and communicate with others. The moving image of the bus also reflects my adolescence as I’m developing and growing as an adult as I am moving from one stage of my life to another (high school to university).

The use of sound in the first half is closely related to nature and the sounds that calmed me as a child, whereas the use of sound in the second half displays how some personal issues, like my anxiety, have increased as I’ve grown up and faced the reality of society’s expectations.