An update: project difficulties/progression

My personal project of investigating the bus route 887 which runs from Campbelltown to Wollongong has been interesting. I’ve been talking to some of my fellow commuters and we all seem to have the same opinions on the bus as well as the difficulties the timetable can cause.

Although we all have the same thoughts and perspectives on the issue, I have run into some difficulty when investigating and collecting data. A challenging factor that has arisen is that a lot of the 887 commuters do not/ have not taken BCM212. This has made me rethink what my main method of collecting data should be. Originally it was a survey, but I am contemplating changing it to interviews as I fear that I would only have a small sample size to refer to when analysing my survey results.

Having a smaller sample size in this project can really determine the variety of opinions some students may have on the topic and how they think it can be solved or improved, which can decrease the amount of data I have to analyse.

Hopefully once I post my survey, a lot more people will respond and take part in my methods of research so I can bring attention to the issue that affects so many UOW students.