A reflection…

In this research project,  learned that finding and conducting research isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of work goes into creating the questions, waiting for responses and analysing the data. Specifically for my topic, it was difficult to gather a large sample size, as not a lot of people in BCM212 caught the 887 bus in which I was investigating. I asked friends from other courses if they knew anyone in the BCM212 cohort that caught the 887 bus, with most of them responding no.

This was a factor I had considered to be an issue even before I started conducting my research methodologies. In spite of this, I had a plan b in case I ever found myself struggling to gather data. I changed my topic slightly to instead of just focusing on students that catch the 887 bus route, I found a way to incorporate local students. I  decided to compare their student experience depending on how long their commute to uni was and how their journeys affected them in school.

In relation to my survey questions, I think it made it harder for me to analyse the data as I made more than half of the questions open-ended to the point where there was more qualitative than quantitative data to analyse. In future reference, I would change this to make it more quantitative data, so I could have a more reliable analysis of what the students were responding.

Another thing I noted when completing this task was to take my gantt chart more seriously. I found myself not following when I would do something and this really threw me off my schedule. I lost motivation for a while and it made me lose track of where I should be up to in my tasks. I found myself procrastinating, especially when it came to writing my opinion piece. My procrastination is still something I need to, and hope to improve on in the future.

My risk matrix was also something I needed to keep in mind. I had relatives stay over for three weeks during the end of the semester which was really unexpected for me and found myself not doing as much uni work as I should of. I put this type of situation as a minor likelihood, when really it should’ve been put higher in my risk matrix.

This task taught me that no matter what, there are always setbacks when it comes to doing assessment tasks and conducting research, but finding ways to improve and learning from these setbacks, is what makes a good researcher.